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Two Fridas is about lots of things…

First and foremost, Two Fridas is where my lifelong passion for vintage, hand made and repurposing AND my fascination with Frida Kahlo and all things Mexico, collide. There is so much to love.

At Two Fridas, we view slow and sustainable fashion as the way of the future. We celebrate and value the time, skill and love that goes into a hand made product. Our Made in Mexico range is hand crafted by highly skilled artisans who have practiced their work for generations. Our house label has a strong focus on repurposed fashion and textiles, inspired by Zero Waste principles.

Two Fridas is about recognising the uniqueness of your individual style and how this contributes to our collective diversity. We’re about dressing yourself and your home with what brings YOU joy. We’re about following your heart and making bold choices with courage, colour pop, creativity and conscience, in a way that would make Frida herself proud.

Your life is the canvas. Have fun with it!